It’s been said…

Honesty is a policy the government abandoned years ago! They threw it out with compassion and kindness when they opened the door on a hostile environment for citizens of the UK. Other than for the victims of the Windrush scandal it might now seem like a distant memory…

Any trust that might have once existed has been eroded to a point where the majority of people now have zero confidence in what they say or do. How this government have handled the pandemic is shameful to say the least and we are all living or dying with the consequences of their lies and inaction.

One journalist commented months ago that of the countries who have had most success managing the pandemic the one common thread that they all shared was governments who have been open, honest and upfront with the people they serve. Suggesting that actually through being honest those governments earned the respect of their people who responded positively to government advice.

Sadly the government of the UK failed at class one, lesson one of leadership school. When you lead, people must have a reason to follow. If they have no respect for leadership then that leadership ceases to be effective. If anyone ever writes a book about the level of incompetence of this government through the pandemic, future generations will think it’s a work of fiction. Will it be seen that things really fell apart when the most senior adviser to the Prim Minister decided he’d test his eyes by taking a drive in his car to a local beauty spot? One which he should have been no where near in the first place!!! Will it be awarding billion pound contracts to companies who failed to deliver? Or maybe 10 years ago stockpiling millions of pounds worth of PPE for use in the event of a pandemic but letting it pass it’s expiry date? Maybe the first lie from the government was when they said the pandemic came as a surprise. Clearly it didn’t if they were planning for a pandemic 10 years ago!!! They just failed to plan properly. Had they made plans when they first stockpiled PPE we may have had a better chance of keeping the number of deaths to a minimum. Lets not forget that in those ten years the government set about breaking up the NHS. The NHS which they subsequently say they care about! Had they not reduced the number of hospitals, nursing and staffing levels perhaps more lives could have been saved? Perhaps they wouldn’t have had to build Nightingale hospitals!!! With such a catastrophic catalogue of incompetence and lies I guess it will be difficult for anyone to pinpoint or unravel how people lost faith in the government and maybe even in future governments. Honesty might have gone a long way in maintaining a degree of trust but that policy was never in the Tory manifesto! Oh yes, this is the same government that for some reason people decided to trust with our exit from the EU! I think we all remember the lies from that campaign. The one orchestrated by ‘test your eyes with a drive’ Dominic Cummings, the man who jumped ship weeks ago.

The artwork and well chosen words on the posters in this blog post are by Sheffield artist Rob Lee.

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    1. On a more positive note… I know Rob the artist who created the artwork in this blog post. I hadn’t seen him for about 18 months but within 30 minutes of taking these photographs I bumped into him. He explained that the company behind many of the posters recently featured on LBoS took the decision to support artists through the pandemic. They finance everything and even post the artwork across many of the largest cities in the UK. They also create press releases for the artists whose work they use.
      At a time when the arts and culture more generally is under threat due to the pandemic it is heartening to know that an otherwise commercial company has found a way to support artists and at the same time offer something positive on the streets. They have also put up campaign posters for ending youth homelessness human rights campaigns.
      So while my rant above is a bit bleak there is a very positive aspect to the art billboard poster campaign that has run most of the year. Stay tuned for a couple of festive themed ones…

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