Brexit Roadmap #10


Brexit Roadmap #9

Saturday 14 April 2018 Placards placed outside Sheffield Cathedral where 'No Stump City' installed their banners and leafleted.  A protest against the felling of Sheffield trees and the shameful £2.2 billion PFI contract that Sheffield City Council have signed with Amey. For more information on the protest and to read how protestors are seeking to... Continue Reading →

This photograph was taken on Christmas morning.  The only people in the city centre appeared to be people who had spent the night sleeping rough, the police and people heading to work at the HARC Christmas project (See below).  There were no shoppers to read the sales signs and as if they haven't had enough... Continue Reading →

              Countdown to Christmas | December 25th | Sheffield City Centre 2017 All of the photographs in this blog post were taken on Christmas morning 2017. Today I arrived in the city centre of Sheffield at 8am.  Within the space of about an hour I saw at least 20... Continue Reading →

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