Another Big Bird From Phlegm* S1

Phlegm Big Bird.  Sheffield S1

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*This beautiful mural by Phlegm lived quite peacefully on this wall for over two years and became a local landmark.  Then for no apparent reason in 2012 Sheffield City Council decided to black it out!  Since then the building has been left unused and instead of a beautiful painting we have a black wall.

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  1. Shame on Sheffield City Council for obliterating a beautiful piece of wall art. Thanks for the share as ever.

    1. I know that most street art is a temporary thing and that often graffiti writers and street artists paint over older works. I know too that the council have a responsibility to remove tags from council buildings but it is a bewildering decision to simply black out a mural. Particularly when it has had remained untouched for at least two years! It was good while it lasted and it is nice to have some shots of it. Phlegm is becoming something of an international artist and is very much in demand across the world. His artwork is really unique and I would have hoped that Sheffield is proud to have him based in the city. Other cities are inviting him to paint on their walls and I’m sure would be very puzzled by a decision to paint out his work. Keep an eye on his website which he updates about once a week with new work. Best wishes, N.

    1. Hi Guy, Thanks for stopping by and for your comments. I couldn’t agree more. I think Phlegm has added great joy to our streets. He continues to do so around the globe and he is now internationally recognised for his wonderful artwork. If you haven’t done so already, check out his Instagram feed where you can see his latest gargantuan mural in Toronto. He invests tremendous energy, both mentally and physically to carry out such projects. His skill in translating an ink drawing onto such a mammoth canvas is unfathomable! There is a short 10 second video of him in the suspended cradle which offers a sense of scale.
      Truly inspirational…
      Best wishes, Mr C 🙂

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