Empty Housing | Park Hill

These shots were taken on 27th December 2016.  The first photo shows an eviction notice served on people living in tents on the Park Hill Estate. All the flats in the photographs are empty and are likely to remain so for years.  Click HERE to view an article titled “In the shadow of empty housing”,  it shows early photographs of the first tent city set up at Park Hill.  The tents have since moved to another site on the estate.

Sheffield Tent City Facebook HERE

Cool Cats, Cameras & Coloquix

Harrison Cameras.  Sheffield S2

Shutters by Coloquix

Harrison Cameras on London Road is a local company started by Ron Harrison in 1970.

While virtually every other camera shop in Sheffield has closed, Harrisons goes from strength to strength.  Knowledgeable friendly staff and great customer service have helped them build a business where everyone from professionals to happy snappers can be assured of great service.   This photograph features the site of their old shop which is now used as a training and events venue.  The current shop is a few metres up the road in a larger premises.  They also have an online store so even if you are not in Sheffield you can experience their wonderful service!   Visit their website HERE