Welcome to Little Bits of Sheffield.

A collection of photographs at Sheffield from all angles.  From overlooked pieces of graffiti to buildings that define the city.

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Quote Unquote: “…much of our communication is instant and disposable. Increasingly it  exists only in a virtual world.  I enjoy what the people and the streets of this wonderful city have to offer.  Experiencing the city, meeting people and exploring places I might otherwise never see are all as important as the photographs I take…”


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  1. i dont think it is nice that people painte on things and you are encuraging them to do this it is bad but you have done it very nicly

  2. You are creating art…. point blank! some people ( artist get it the others… well they are hopeless case )

  3. Great idea for a blog. I really like some of the photos i have seen so far and i hope you keep it up. I am from Canada but i was in Sheffield last summer visiting family members. Cheers

    1. Hi Pal Guy, Thanks for stopping by and for the positive comments. I’m pleased that you like the idea of the blog. It’s a different way of looking at a city and it’s subcultures. My other blog Postcard Cafe (there is a link on the botton left menu) has a lot of Sheffield images but is not strictly about Sheffield! If you care to take a look you may find some places you recognise from your trip. I like the urban images on your blog. The b&w bridge shots are great. The one with the goods train is a good shot. I look forward to seeing more of your photographs Until I saw your video I did not know what an inukshuk was/is. I hope you build these and leave them standing for others to find. I like that you included the city skyline in the shot. Best wishes, LBoS

  4. Great blog. I love the concept and your photos of beautiful. Got a new follower. :] And thanks for your comment on my post!

    1. I appreciate your kind comments and I’m pleased to have you on board. I value people taking time to drop a line and it’s great that you like the concept. I hoped that it would reach beyond Sheffield so to know it travels well is encouraging. The blog is coming up to it’s first birthday and I think it has started to build into an interesting site. I will certainly keep an eye on your blog. The series that I commented on from your blog were brilliant! Keep on keepin’ on… Best wishes….

    1. Hi Sharrow Vale Kate, Thanks for stopping by. There are quite a few entries for S11 so there will be images from close to your home. I’m a big fan of Phlegms work along with most things on our streets! You may have already checked out my other blog where you’ll find some of the bigger pieces of street art in and around Sheffield. If you haven’t then you might want to take a look at http://postcardcafe.wordpress.com/ Use the search bar at the top if you want to see only work by phlegm or Kid Acne or whoever, just type their name in. Blogs can be hard work trying to find the bits that interest you but the joy of trawling through the other stuff is that you may find other things of interest. I had a quick look at your blog. Nice to see that you have the Emmaus link up. They do some great work. Best wishes….

  5. Hello there PC – congratulations! I have nominated you for One Lovely Blog Award. Hope you will accept – the rules will be on my very next post. best wishes, Philippa

  6. Just seen this blog and it looks great! Will keep on following. I like what you say about this art allowing some kind of discourse between strangers. Anything promoting the idea we should slow down and take time to notice things around us! Good work

    1. Hi Guywuy, Thanks for stopping by and welcome on board. I see you are local to Sheffield so you may well recognise a few of the places I have photographed. I have subscribed to your blog to see what you are up to. Best wishes…

  7. Really glad I found this site I love the things that go unnoticed being brought to people’s attention. I am currently at Sheffield Hallam studying Art and this has been a big inspiration to one of my projects. Thank you

    1. Hi Jodie, Thanks for stopping by and for your positive comments. The blog has changed from a bit over the years. I started posting one photo every day. After reaching 1000 I thought it was time to ease off the daily posts and you will have noticed that more recently I publish mini galleries of images. If you are interested, I have another blog of photographs over on http://www.postcardcafe.wordpress.com
      Good luck with your project.
      Best wishes
      Mr Cafe 🙂

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