One from the Archives | Kid Acne 2012

Cocktail Cigarettes | Kid Acne 2012 | © Little Bits of Sheffield | SDSC_0419E

Photograph taken 25 March 2012.

I recently came across this image in my archives.  I always thought it was an interesting image and not sure why it wasn’t published back when it photographed.  The irregular light pattern was created by reflected sunlight from windows opposite the artwork.  Created by Kid Acne in 2012 the building on which this was painted has long since been demolished.


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I paint my boyfriend's toenails and he shaves my head | © Little Bits of Sheffield 2017 |  SP102070BWE

My decision to walk along a road which I rarely go down was rewarded when I stumbled upon this wonderful statement…

If I had a top ten favourite pieces of graffiti then I’m pretty sure this would be in the top five!

Another in my top five I found at Steeley Magnasite works near Hartlepool.  It’s worth a look: HERE

To celebrate a new entry into my top ten I thought I’d share one of my favourite songs from another local treasure (sadly they split up years ago).

Sharrow Festival Graffiti Jam 2014

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Every year at the Sharrow Festival in Sheffield the local ball courts host a graffiti jam. It is attended by artists and writers from Sheffield alongside others from further afield.   This photo gallery has a small sample of the wonderful work they created at this years jam.