Geotagging | Sheffield 2017 | © Little Bits of Sheffield

Construction is now under way on the site where for over 50 years stood the Grosvenor House Hotel.  Who would have thought it possible to fit so many cranes in such a small area!


Grosvenor House Hotel | 1966-2017

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Opened in 1966 the Grosvenor House Hotel was a familiar landmark of the Sheffield city skyline. Demolition began in 2016 and the hotel, car park and shops that were on the same site finally became dust in 2017. The photographs featured in the gallery were taken between 2009 – 2016.

Also featured in some of the photographs are other buildings which have since disappeared, the old fire station and the buildings on Charter Row.  The Telecom Tower is now student accommodation and the BT logo has been removed.

Click HERE to view a set of images taken in 2016 of the car park located beneath the main hotel building.

Click HERE to see the Grosvenor House Hotel undergoing demolition

Watch the wonderful 1966 Movietone News film footage of the hotel below


St Paul’s Tower | 2017

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St Paul’s Tower is the tallest building in Sheffield and dominates the city centre.  Although not as tall as St Paul’s Tower the highest building in Sheffield is The Arts Tower  because it is built on higher ground.

More about St Paul’s Tower HERE