Click any thumbnail to view the gallery of full size images Thank you to everyone who has supported, followed, “liked”, commented and generally made Little Bits of Sheffield a friendly and rewarding place to share my photographs.   Hello and a big thank you to all the wordpress bloggers who through their brilliant work provide me... Continue Reading →

                        Sheffield City Council have served notice on the people living in tents at Park Hill. The notices which are dotted around the estate advise they must leave by 4pm on 1st January 2017. It would appear the city council think that by moving a... Continue Reading →

These shots were taken on 27th December 2016.  The first photo shows an eviction notice served on people living in tents on the Park Hill Estate. All the flats in the photographs are empty and are likely to remain so for years.  Click HERE to view an article titled "In the shadow of empty housing",  it shows early... Continue Reading →

Followers of Little Bits of Sheffield will probably know I'm not a fan of street photography unless there is a degree of anonymity for the unsuspecting subjects.  Taken in Sheaf Square using only natural light. The low winter sunshine illuminated the character as well as creating some great reflections and shadows.  It was a photo opportunity too... Continue Reading →

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