Rare & Racy | Curious Epitomes

Outside Rare & Racy on last Day of trading 1.7.2017 | © Little Bits of Sheffield | SP1020931E

This photograph was taken on Saturday 1st July 2017.  Sadly on that day after 48 years of trading the shop closed their doors for the last time.

Inside Rare & Racy Vol I  HERE

Inside Rare & Racy Vol II  HERE

Inside Rare & Racy Vol III  HERE

Inside Rare & Racy Vol IV  HERE

Inside Rare & Racy Vol V  HERE

Inside Rare & Racy Vol VI  HERE

Inside Rare & Racy Vol VII  HERE

Rare & Racy shop front  HERE

The Rare & Racy website is  HERE

Norfolk Street Photography

Norfolk Street | Sheffield 27 January 2017 | © Little Bits of Sheffield | SP1010331E

This photograph was taken on rainy day in January this year.  The paved area in the foreground was actually steaming from the heat of the underground District Energy Network which runs beneath many parts of Sheffield.  Even though the ground was wet it felt warm to touch.  I’m guessing the insulation to the distribution pipes is not as good as it once might have been!

Cutting Edge Sculpture | Featuring sharp dressed man

Cutting Edge Sculpture  featuring sharp dressed man | Sheaf Square | Sheffield | © Little Bits of Sheffield 2016 (sp1010055e)

Followers of Little Bits of Sheffield will probably know I’m not a fan of street photography unless there is a degree of anonymity for the unsuspecting subjects.  Taken in Sheaf Square using only natural light. The low winter sunshine illuminated the character as well as creating some great reflections and shadows.  It was a photo opportunity too good to miss…

HERE is a different view of the Cutting Edge Sculpture