After Dark | Green Man by Phlegm

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Monochrome daylight photographs of Green Man by Phlegm on Postcard Cafe HERE

Colour daylight photographs of Green Man on Little Bits of Sheffield HERE

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7 thoughts on “After Dark | Green Man by Phlegm

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  1. Now these shots certainly are an eerie bunch. Great sparse lighting and a good balance between the B&W and colour daylight photographs. Personally, I’d have been soiling myself whilst creeping around in the darkness taking these shots, you obviously have nerves of steel as well as a good eye Mr Cafe.

    1. It’s only in space that no one can hear you scream!!! Actually I didn’t feel spooked at all and despite the darkness these were not taken in the deep of the night. The winter brings plenty of darkness early evening and I actually like being in these places by myself. The day before I was accompanied by among other birds a Robin which I assume is nesting near by. It was the cold not the darkness that got to me. There was frost on the ground and in areas it is quite marshy and I wanted to avoid getting a shoe full of icy water! Best wishes, Mr C

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