Brexit Roadmap #2



This photograph was taken on Christmas morning.  The only people in the city centre appeared to be people who had spent the night sleeping rough, the police and people heading to work at the HARC Christmas project (See below).  There were no shoppers to read the sales signs and as if they haven't had enough... Continue Reading →

    Countdown to Christmas | Arundel Gate The person who slept in this doorway will have endured sub-zero temperatures.   The night before this photograph was taken the roads and paths were gritted because of icy conditions. How many people consider the story behind the circumstance of a person who has become homeless?  How... Continue Reading →

An alternative title for this post was 'Christmas is Rubbish'. However since this is the first in the series counting down to Christmas I thought it better to start with a title that carries a positive environmentally friendly message.  This picture was taken today and with a week to go the bins in the city... Continue Reading →

Sadly after 48 years of trading Rare & Racy closed their doors for the last time on Saturday 1st July 2017. Follow the links below to Postcard Cafe see more photographs inside Rare & Racy Inside Rare & Racy Vol I  HERE Inside Rare & Racy Vol II  HERE Inside Rare & Racy Vol III  HERE Inside... Continue Reading →

This photograph was taken on rainy day in January this year.  The paved area in the foreground was actually steaming from the heat of the underground District Energy Network which runs beneath many parts of Sheffield.  Even though the ground was wet it felt warm to touch.  I'm guessing the insulation to the distribution pipes... Continue Reading →

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