Countdown to Christmas | Cold & Damp

Countdown To Christmas | Cold and Damp | Sheffield 2017 | © Little Bits of Sheffield | SDSC00203E

Countdown to Christmas | Cold and Damp

How many people consider the story behind the circumstance of a person who has become homeless?  How many people define the person as a ‘homeless person’ rather than a person who has become homeless?  Most of us prefer to be defined by qualities in our life over which we have some control rather than the circumstances in which we find ourselves.  Remembering the person first is important in all our lives.  The language used around peoples lives whose circumstances have resulted in them becoming homeless is often unhelpful and dehumanising.  The very least any of us can do this Christmas is consider the language we use when talking about the problems faced by people whose circumstance are different from our own.  Perhaps a more compassionate choice of language is the first step to understanding the problems and sadness faced by thousands of people all year round.

HOMELESS AND ROOTLESS AT CHRISTMAS (HARC) in Sheffield is a day shelter for people who are homeless or isolated at Christmas.

This year it is located at the Archer Project on Campo Lane S12EF.  Provided free of charge are hot meals, drinks, company, entertainment and at certain times a dentist, hairdresser, chiropodist, medical services and a clothing store.


9:30 – 7pm – Sunday 24th December to Monday 1st January.

On 1st of January they are only open until 12:00 noon.

Visit the HARC website HERE where you can discover more about the project and also how to donate or get involved.

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