Norfolk Street Photography

Norfolk Street | Sheffield 27 January 2017 | © Little Bits of Sheffield | SP1010331E

This photograph was taken on rainy day in January this year.  The paved area in the foreground was actually steaming from the heat of the underground District Energy Network which runs beneath many parts of Sheffield.  Even though the ground was wet it felt warm to touch.  I’m guessing the insulation to the distribution pipes is not as good as it once might have been!



Walk for 5 minutes and take a photograph from where you stand.  Repeat for the duration of 45 minutes to complete a set of 9 images.  Take only one photograph at each location and none in between.  Spend no more than one minute composing the image then move on to the next.  The first image at each location will be the one you keep.  Do not delete or retake any images.

The above gallery of images were taken in Sheffield on 2 October  12:15 – 13:00hrs

45 is a photographic exercise in creating images from random subjects.  Images that in other circumstances you may not consider photographing.  With the discipline of first shot only, in a fixed period of time the photographs are likely to be more intuitive.  Some images will work better than others.  The fun is in the taking and in the review of images captured.  You may be surprised by which locations provide the most interesting shots.  My gallery of images were taken with a zoom lens.  45 can be made more challenging by using a prime lens to complete the 9 images.   45 applies a set of rules to challenge the photographer to work outside of their normal way  thinking and working.  Good and less good photographs are equally valid and when viewed as a set may offer some interesting insights and ideas to reflect on.  They may inspire others to give it a go…

If you wish to participate in 45 then please leave a comment below with a link to your gallery of nine images and also the date, time and place*.  Of course you can participate in 45 without leaving any information. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the experience and it may even reveal something new in your photography.

Have fun…

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