Brexit Roadmap #1


  Last week on what may well be his last visit to Rare & Racy Phlegm erased his previous painting on the shop front and replaced it with a skull and crossbones. Yesterday, sadly after 48 years of trading Rare & Racy closed it's doors for the last time The erased artwork can be seen... Continue Reading →

Photograph taken 25 March 2012. I recently came across this image in my archives.  I always thought it was an interesting image and not sure why it wasn't published back when it photographed.  The irregular light pattern was created by reflected sunlight from windows opposite the artwork.  Created by Kid Acne in 2012 the building... Continue Reading →

My decision to walk along a road which I rarely go down was rewarded when I stumbled upon this wonderful statement... If I had a top ten favourite pieces of graffiti then I'm pretty sure this would be in the top five! Another in my top five I found at Steeley Magnasite works near Hartlepool.  It's worth... Continue Reading →

  These photographs, taken on 9 May 2017, feature vintage Phlegm artwork painted on Castlegate.  The shutter on a shop called Green Spirit was painted approximately eight years ago.  The shop which sold all things hydroponic closed a few years ago when they moved to larger premises.  Phlegms artwork remains, although it is gradually being... Continue Reading →

    Detail from the new Phlegm mural on Snuff Mill Lane During October Phlegm was invited to Sheffield along with 15 other local and international artists as part of the Feature Walls mural event In 2010 Phlegm’s artwork was also seen further along Ecclesall Road HERE  Unfortunately the artwork had only a short life and few people were able to appreciate it.... Continue Reading →

  Work in progress | Rocket01 Sheffield Science Park | October 2016 Rocket01 was one of 16 local and international artists invited to Sheffield as part of the Feature Walls mural event

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