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I paint my boyfriend's toenails and he shaves my head | © Little Bits of Sheffield 2017 |  SP102070BWE

My decision to walk along a road which I rarely go down was rewarded when I stumbled upon this wonderful statement…

If I had a top ten favourite pieces of graffiti then I’m pretty sure this would be in the top five!

Another in my top five I found at Steeley Magnasite works near Hartlepool.  It’s worth a look: HERE

To celebrate a new entry into my top ten I thought I’d share one of my favourite songs from another local treasure (sadly they split up years ago).

Degrees of Debt*

We Don't Need No Debtucation | Sheffield 28 September 2016 | © Little Bits of Sheffield

Debtucation: the process of becoming knowledge wealthy while simultaneously becoming cash poor.  

The Sutton Trust says university graduates in England face higher debts on graduation than their peers in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The social mobility charity says those who graduated from English universities last year – under the £9,000 fees regime – owed an average of £44,000.

Read more about student debt  HERE

*The Sutton Trust report ‘Degrees of Debt’ HERE