One from the Archives | Kid Acne 2012

Cocktail Cigarettes | Kid Acne 2012 | © Little Bits of Sheffield | SDSC_0419E

Photograph taken 25 March 2012.

I recently came across this image in my archives.  I always thought it was an interesting image and not sure why it wasn’t published back when it photographed.  The irregular light pattern was created by reflected sunlight from windows opposite the artwork.  Created by Kid Acne in 2012 the building on which this was painted has long since been demolished.

2012 End of Year Round-Up

Thank you to everyone who has dropped in and supported Little Bits of Sheffield through 2012. Greetings to all who exchanged comments bringing a sense of community to this mad virtual world!  I hope that 2013 brings great things your way. Happy new year to all of you. Best wishes from Little Bits Of Sheffield x 

For this post I had made a really nice slide show with music and no end of video trickery. However for technical reasons this idea had to be shelved (Sorry, but I cannot begin to explain why). Instead I’ve uploaded a wordpress gallery with a selection of random images from 2012.  This blog post would have appeared yesterday but I had no broadband connection (my provider failed to maintain its services).  So instead of fireworks and fancy videos my blogging year came to an end with a phut and a splutter!   My first official post of 2013 will be up shortly….

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