“Everyman” by Joseph Rodgers

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Answers on a postcard* please…

Todays blog post is something a bit different.  It is a little bit of Sheffield but quite what it is remains a mystery to me!

The photographs show the “Everyman” made by Joseph Rodgers of Sheffield.  I have no idea what it is or indeed what it might be used for?  It has perplexed everyone who has seen it!   In fact the only reason I have it is because I was so intrigued by it!  The big question and the reason for this post is to see if anyone might know what the “Everyman” was for?

As can be seen in the photographs, it comes housed in a tailor made plastic wallet.  It is approximately 5.5cm long (the drawing pins in one of the photographs give a sense of scale).

When turned the knurled brass wheel makes the outer stainless sides slide in opposite directions to a fixed point determined by the angled slots. Two of the photos show the “Everyman” in it’s fully extended position.  I’m guessing this gadget dates from the late 60’s or 70’s.

My searches on the internet have turned up no information whatsoever.

*I would be very grateful if anyone has any ideas about the “Everyman” if they would be kind enough to share them in the comments section below.  It’s a long-shot but does anyone reading this in Sheffield know someone who worked at Joseph Rodgers?  It would be great to unravel the mystery of this little item…