1 February 2020 | ICH BIN EIN EUROPEAN

“Today I am going to reclaim my European-ness. Today I am going to make a new start. And like all new starts in this day and age…”                      Read more HERE

2 thoughts on “1 February 2020 | ICH BIN EIN EUROPEAN

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  1. I just turned the radio and TV of all day, avoided the newspapers, and played various non UK bands on the hi fi during the weekend. Perhaps Mr. Drummond can outbid everyone when Farage auctions that “mr brexit painting” of himself and we all stand round and put it on a big bonfire?

    1. I avoided all the news and still am! On the day I couldn’t avoid hearing the celebratory fireworks that some people let off. I hope some of your chosen music included Road to Nowhere, Highway To Hell and if your playlist permitted it Road to Hell…
      I enjoyed reading the article that I linked to. MR D is quite an imposing figure and I’m sure the Romanians were glad of his support in dealing with the security guards.
      Best wishes
      Mr C 🙂

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