Cementation Furnace

Cementation Furnace | Doncaster Street Sheffield | © Little Bits of Sheffield | SDSCF0286

Cementation Furnace | Doncaster Street Sheffield | 25 August 2019

The Cementation furnace is a Grade II Listed building and is the only example of this type of steel making furnace to survive intact in Great Britain. It is located on Doncaster Street in the St Vincent’s Quarter, 0.6 miles north west of the city centre.

When originally in use there would have been about 250 of these furnaces in and around Sheffield.  They were designed for the manufacture of blister steel, the original raw material for crucible steel.  Blister steel was little used for this purpose after c1870, but this furnace remained in use until 1951. It is the sole survivor of a characteristic industrial building once seen all over Sheffield. The cementation furnace is a Scheduled Ancient Monument.

4 thoughts on “Cementation Furnace

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    1. This shot is one that won’t be available again!
      They are building more flats and this is to be a centre piece for the development! I’m not sure how visible or accessible it will be to the general public…

      1. That is a shame that it won’t be available again. I do hope they still keep it visible. Do yo know what they are intending for it?

      2. I’m not sure now where I even read about it. So the short answer is I’m really not sure what will happen to it but you would hope any architect would respect it’s history and that it should be available and visible to the general public and not just a gated community. Who knows? SCC grant permission for all sorts of questionable architecture 🙂

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