Arthurs Skip | Neepsend Lane

Arthurs Skips | Sheffield 2019 | © Little Bits of Sheffield | SDSCF0348E

Arthurs Skip | Neepsend Lane 2019


5 thoughts on “Arthurs Skip | Neepsend Lane

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  1. Eee, I remember when all this was gasometers! Sadly I never got round to snapping them but they were an amazing site for many years.

    1. Yes it does look precarious but I think it was wedged in somehow. Arthurs skips own a huge chunk of land in Neepsend and this is on the bottom end of it and I guess it is to blockade the gate from would be skip snatchers!!! 🙂

      1. Yes I am aware of Arthur’s skips (from my day job). It does make sense that they block gates from the skip thieves. The area has some industrial waste real estate, with CSG (FKA frogsons), and the Virdor landfill. Then you have the gardeners rest and also the karting place, and the defunct ski village.
        I can just about remember the brewery there. keep posting !

      2. That whole area is gradually being revived and looking less derelict. The brewery is still lying empty but once that is redeveloped I think the whole area will look more attractive to smaller developers. I have been told that the brewery site will be residential appartments. How reliable my source is Im not sure..! 🙂

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