British Telecom Payphone | Castle House

British Telecom Pay Phone | Castle House Sheffield | © Little Bits of Sheffield | SDSCF0250EB&W

Payphone | Castle House

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  1. Welcome to Sheffield’s most important modernist building! One which needless to say the council were in a hurry to get demolished a few years ago, happily someone got it listed just in time (the Castle market sadly was not so lucky). I am so pleased the new owners have respected the structure on the ground floor, it’s a wonderful space. We used to go and have something to eat in the top floor restaurant just to admire the design, and shopped for quite a few bits and bobs here for our first house. The Co-op used to have a good record of new architecture, their 60s and 70s main office buildings in Manchester are well worth a visit. Sadly their recent additions look banal.

    1. I can remember shopping in Castle House and remember the restaurant with its mad angular concrete ceiling (and have seen and photographed it since it was closed). Apparently the design of this building was based on the Sears building in New York. It had few windows so people could concentrate on their shopping (apparently)!
      Best wishes
      Mr C

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