Pedal Power

Pedal Power | Devonshire Green Sheffield | © Little Bits of Sheffield 2019 | SDSCF0506E

Pedal Power | Devonshire Green | 20 September 2019

This photograph was taken very quickly on a crowded Devonshire Green as demonstrators gathered for the Youth Strike For Climate.  Within moments of this picture being taken the pedal powered flying machine was surrounded by people and a short while later it was giving young children free ‘flights’ around the green.

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  1. Or “what our bus services will look like if the council cuts go any further”?! I notice in Chesterfield some of the buses are now solar powered, not sure why First and co. are not being forced down that route (no pun intended).

    1. Ha ha!
      This tricycle made quite an impression on the young children at the strike for climate demonstration. I hope it sparked creative and environmental conversations with their parents 🙂

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