Brexit Road Map #11

Boris Johnson is a Knob | © Little Bits of Sheffield | 2019 | SDSCF0356E

On the same day Boris Johnson controversially prorogued parliament I spotted this piece of graffiti in the city centre.  In the 80’s and 90’s political graffiti was far more common place.  It is less so these days but it gave me a smile to see that someone has cut through the rhetoric with their clear bold statement about the Prime Minister.  It’s one way to start a debate…

Or click on any thumbnail below to view the Brexit Road Map series of photographs:

Click on any thumbnail below to view a series of photographs originally posted on this site in 2017. They feature references to the previous Prime Minister who as we now know also failed to strike a Brexit deal:

two years after these images were originally published it would be fair to say Theresa did not!

The Brexit debate continues, although for the next five weeks not in the House of Commons!

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