A moment of reflection

Reflections | Sheffield Canal 2019 | © Little Bits of Sheffield | SP1000615

Man with his dog in a canoe on Sheffield canal heading toward the city centre

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and HERE on Postcard Cafe


2 thoughts on “A moment of reflection

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    1. Thank you.
      I enjoy B&W photography and often I will shoot in B&W! I know that goes against most advice which is shoot in colour and convert later. Shooting in B&W means I think in B&W and consider light and shadow and colour differently. Like in the old days of film. You popped a roll of B&W in the camera and off you went, happy with your intention. I think digital photography has taken away some of that intent and it’s tempting to start making decisions around B&W or colour in post processing. Some of these B&W images were shot in B&W while others were conversions so I’m not suggesting I don’t do both but heading out with my camera set to B&W feels like a different experience. When I do this I feel I’m committing to a creative choice about what I’m doing with my camera. Something that I’m not sure lots of digital photographers consider. Of course there are no rights and wrongs.
      My camera allows me to shoot in B&W and store a colour image or maybe both colour and B&W! It’s not something I’ve explored but digital cameras allow a lot more creative control during the image capture stage rather than just in PP. I find that shooting in B&W can add a great deal of enjoyment to a photo walk…
      Thanks for your comment (and ‘likes’).
      Best wishes
      Mr C 🙂

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