FAC82 Tribute | © Little Bits of Sheffield | 2019| SP1010238E

This sculpted Henderson’s Relish brass bottle carries the engraving of ‘FAC82’.  As a locally celebrated condiment there are a number of small brass bottles located near the old Henderson’s factory.   With my knowledge and affection for the long deceased Manchester record label Factory Records I am guessing the engraving FAC82 refers to the Sheffield band Cabaret Voltaire’s 1983 single Yashar which was issued on the Factory label with the catalogue number FAC82*

*Yashar was also released on the Factory Benelux label under the catalogue number FBN25

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  1. The Cabs used to have a studio just down the road opposite the church in an old cutlery factory so this may also be why the sculpture is thereabouts. Sadly this was all demolished some years ago so the Uni could build more awful flats.

    1. Aha! I had no idea about the recording studio whereabouts so that adds a bit more to the story. I need to check out the other brass bottles to work out if they have other obscure references to things and people from Sheffield. I hope you’ve had a good bank holiday. Best wishes, Mr C 🙂

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