Me Me Me

4. Your Army Needs You | Sheffield 2019 | © Little bits of Sheffield | Version 2


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    1. Yes, you are quite right of course.
      As I noted to a fellow blogger on another post in this series: This is definitely a bizarre ad campaign. Dreamed up by an ad agency, paid for by tax payers and probably laughed at by millions! As if the government don’t waste enough of our money already! My favourite image in this series is the last one titled Binge Gamers which with all the other posters works as a whole to perhaps reflect something of a sign of the times.

  1. This has to be the most bizarre Army campaign since the last one the same agency did. Mind you back in the day when Sheffield was properly radical these would have been well defaced by the Sisterhood!

    1. Indeed this is a very bizarre campaign. Can you imagine the executives all sat round a big table in a conference room and deciding this is the best way to spend tax payers money on recruitment to the armed forces! I imagine the top executive will either be promoted or bounced with a huge pay-off… 😉

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