Countdown to Christmas | Keeping Warm

Countdown to Christmas | Trying to Stay Warm | © Little Bits of Sheffield | SDSC00204B&W

Countdown to Christmas | Keeping Warm

How many people consider the story behind the circumstance of a person who has become homeless?  How many people define the person as a ‘homeless person’ rather than a person who has become homeless?  Most of us prefer to be defined by qualities in our life over which we have some control rather than the circumstances in which we find ourselves.  Remembering the person first is important in all our lives.  The language used around peoples lives whose circumstances have resulted in them becoming homeless is often unhelpful and dehumanising.  The very least any of us can do this Christmas is consider the language we use when talking about the problems faced by people whose circumstance are different from our own.  Perhaps a more compassionate choice of language is the first step to understanding the problems and sadness faced by thousands of people all year round.


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  1. Hi

    Some powerful photos here. I appreciated your comments. With all that is going on world wide it is important to stop attributing this problem to the moral choices of one individual rather than the moral choices of societies. We are headed to the the farm which has poor internet service, but I will look at your series of photos again after the holidays, I think I need to keep your comments and photos in mind in the new year and be a bit more proactive and generous.

    All the best for the holidays.

    1. Hi Guy,
      Thank you. Your comments and feedback are much appreciated. As a society we all make choices and they have an impact on others. We appear to be living in an age where blame is apportioned rather than responsibility taken. You are right. It is important to consider our choices and the impact they may have. Compassion is something we need a whole lot more of.
      My ‘Countdown to Christmas’ series of images were taken over just a couple of days in the city centre of Sheffield and represent only a small percentage of people who are sleeping rough. I hope that some people seeing the images might wish to consider the story behind the circumstance.
      I think the photographs are quite shocking and sad. Perhaps they put a spotlight on the problems many of us prefer to ignore. In the past I have worked at Christmas shelters set up for people who are homeless and vulnerable. This year instead I thought I’d show some images that highlight the contrast between the excess and waste of the festivities and the harsh reality for people faced with homelessness and cold winter nights on our streets.
      The media in all it’s forms along with Governmental spin has led to many of us feeling disempowered.
      As we reflect on what Christmas means to us and to people who are more disadvantaged than ourselves it is important to retain our individual sense of worth in bringing about positive change. That individually in our thoughts and in our actions we can all be part of resetting the the direction in which society is heading.
      On that note I’ll stop with my waffle…
      Best wishes for a brighter 2018
      Mr C

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