Countdown to Christmas | Re-cycle / Re-use

Countdown to Christmas | Recycle / Reuse | © Little Bits of Sheffield | 2017 | SDSC00188B&W

An alternative title for this post was ‘Christmas is Rubbish’. However since this is the first in the series counting down to Christmas I thought it better to start with a title that carries a positive environmentally friendly message.  This picture was taken today and with a week to go the bins in the city centre are already overflowing with Christmas joy…

2 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas | Re-cycle / Re-use

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  1. I suspect it looks like that most weeks, but amazed they’re too idle to flatten out the boxes before sticking them in. It would take twice as much if they did! We even take care to take the flipping tape off here…

    1. Yes, it always confounds me as to why people don’t compress, breakdown or reduce their recycling to make it more efficient.
      I thought this image was symbolic of the excess before we even get to Christmas. I’m not a fan of excess or waste at any time of the year!

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