Billboard Billboard II

Billboard Billboard II | Sheffield 2017 | © Little Bits of Sheffield |  SDSC00069E

This billboard billboard is part of the Everything Flows exhibition at the Millennium Gallery.

The image of the empty billboard was taken in Greece by Victoria Lucas in 2012 during the height of the financial crash.

Billboard Billboard I is HERE


4 thoughts on “Billboard Billboard II

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    1. Thank you. Your comments are always very welcome. While this image looks very static it it was a bit more challenging than it at first appears. It’s a busy part of the city so there were lots of people coming and going in all directions and I also wanted to avoid any large vehicles too close on the road which would cast a shadow into the photo. The billboard was also scrolling between a cheese advert and a mattress advert, only pausing on each for about 10 seconds. Having the billboard photograph showing while there were no people or large vehicles in shot proved a bit tricky! It was hand held so keeping the composition accurate while crouching close to the ground also meant there were a couple shots to reject! I was determined to get the photograph without people walking in or out of the frame and I think the waiting paid off though. I’m sure you have faced similar challenges and it is rewarding to eventually get the shot. It is also interesting what the camera doesn’t reveal about a scene…
      Best wishes
      Mr C

      1. I somehow sensed the effort that went into the making of that picture 🙂
        I really liked that you aligned the horizons so perfectly! (that’s where the crouching came into play, right?)
        Best wishes to you, too,

  1. Yes, you are absolutely right the only way to align the horizons was for the camera angle to be very low. My job would have been a little easier with a mini tripod simply to keep the composition together between the adverts scrolling and people passing by but on the day hand held was the only way available to me. I know that you are familiar with careful composition. It is evident in your images. They only work so well because you have taken time ensuring the various component elements have a relationship to one another so that they work together as a whole. I appreciate the care taken with your photography. A shot that initially looks quite simple has often been very carefully considered and as with this shot of mine there are always environmental factors that the image may not reveal. I enjoy how photography encourages me to slow down in a mad fast busy old world!
    Have a great weekend
    Mr C 🙂

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