Singing The Blues | Rare & Racy

Singing The Blues | Rare & Racy Sheffield | © Little Bits of Sheffield | S_1070578E

1969 – 2017

Today is the day when after 48 years of trading Rare & Racy will finally close it’s doors for good.  If you read this early today then do drop by to wish them well.  The reasons for closure are well documented and for many it is a very sad day.  Rare & Racy has been one of the rare and precious jewels in Sheffield’s cultural crown.  A place for books, music and and artworks by local artists it is a place held dear by many and will be greatly missed.

Follow the links below to Postcard Cafe see more photographs inside Rare & Racy

Inside Rare & Racy Vol I  HERE

Inside Rare & Racy Vol II  HERE

Inside Rare & Racy Vol III  HERE

Inside Rare & Racy Vol IV  HERE

Inside Rare & Racy Vol V  HERE

Inside Rare & Racy Vol VI  HERE

Rare & Racy shop front  HERE

The Rare & Racy website is  HERE

More photos of Rare & Racy on Postcard Cafe HERE


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  1. This is a depressing end to the story; I’ve not been able to bring myself to see the shop for a few months knowing it was coming to an end. I’ve been around here long enough to remember their original shop up at Walkley and always enjoyed a potter at the ‘new’ shop! As you say just one less reason for older people to bother with the city centre anymore, but landlords and developers will just carry on doing this with a spineless council refusing to act or offer any sort of venue for traders like Rare & Racy. They could have been offered space in a refurbished Castle Market, oh wait – we knocked that down as well. Check out Broomhill, 12 student letting agents, 7 coffee bars, goodness knows how many cafes, fewer and fewer proper shops.

    1. It is sad and I know the shop will be missed by many. It is also unlikely that we will see the likes of shops like Rare & Racy ever reappearing. I have a lot of photographs from inside the shop which I have yet to post. Allen was kind enough to allow me to spend time mooching and shooting things that added so much character to the store.
      Jonathan Richman wrote a song with the first wave of big business knocking out the little guy. His song was written pre-amazoninternet and he notes the loss of his corner store to the big shopping malls:

      Little did we know back then that the internet was just around the corner to finish the job that the malls started!

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