Nuts in May | Park Hill 2017

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While visiting Park Hill I spotted that thousands of hexagonal nuts have been discarded along the length of the new steel fence.  Not someone who likes to see things simply going to waste I thought I’d re-purpose a few and documented the results.

The title for this post has been borrowed from Mike Leigh

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    1. Thank you.
      The Nuts in May series were inspired by some images that I shot nearly seven years ago. I was asked to collaborate in an art project where a number of people were sent 15 hand made porcelaine pots and a disposable camera. The idea was to use the film up on the camera by taking photographs of the pots in whatever way the individual chose. The camera would be returned to the artist and the images displayed without credit to individuals who had taken part. I chose to also document the film images with my digital camera. You can see three of them if you scroll down on this link:
      Porcelaine No.1 and No.3 were taken at Park Hill flats while No.2 was taken on the tram tracks.
      I really enjoyed spending some quiet time with the pots and this year when I saw such waste in the discarded nuts at Park Hill flats I thought I should use them creatively. My point of reference was my time with the porcelaine pots!
      When I set up the pots on the tram tracks (in Porcelaine No.2) I had a conversation with a number of people who wondered what I was doing and who also hung around to see if the pots survived after the the next tram passed over the tracks! I had no idea if they would survive or be smashed but thought it an interesting experiment whatever the outcome. As it turned out they survived and I still have them. I never saw the exhibition or any other images from other people who participated.
      The project led to me taking photographs I would never have otherwise taken and also gave me quiet, almost playful time arranging the pots in interesting ways in unusual locations. It also left me with seeds to do something similar and I guess the Nuts in May is what grew from those seeds!
      Best wishes
      Mr C 🙂

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