Grosvenor House Hotel | 1966-2017

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Opened in 1966 the Grosvenor House Hotel was a familiar landmark of the Sheffield city skyline. Demolition began in 2016 and the hotel, car park and shops that were on the same site finally became dust in 2017. The photographs featured in the gallery were taken between 2009 – 2016.

Also featured in some of the photographs are other buildings which have since disappeared, the old fire station and the buildings on Charter Row.  The Telecom Tower is now student accommodation and the BT logo has been removed.

Click HERE to view a set of images taken in 2016 of the car park located beneath the main hotel building.

Click HERE to see the Grosvenor House Hotel undergoing demolition

Watch the wonderful 1966 Movietone News film footage of the hotel below


4 thoughts on “Grosvenor House Hotel | 1966-2017

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  1. Nice to see this fine building covered fully. I can’t be the only person to see the irony of Sheffield’s first luxury hotel being raised to the ground while the council sell our library off to be turned into … a luxury hotel. I recall many of the rock bands stayed here in the 70s as it was so good and just round the corner from the City Hall. Though that didn’t stop David Coverdale from Whitesnake having them get his limo to journey between the two!

    1. My next post may well be the hotel in various states of demolition. Yes, it seems nuts that one hotel should be demolished and to sacrifice the central library to make another! It’s one crazy mixed up city we live in…
      I enjoyed your David Coverdale anecdote. I have also since mentioned your Tony Blair/Deep Purple story to a few people 🙂
      Best wishes
      Mr C

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