6. Blue Sky Thinking

1. Blue Sky Thinking 2017 | Grosvenor Hotel | Sheffield | © Little Bits of Sheffield

Grosvenor Hotel  |  Sheffield

 3 February 2017

7 thoughts on “6. Blue Sky Thinking

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    1. Thank you.
      I’ve just reposted the blue sky pics in a gallery and hoping they would look better in the WordPress Reader. I cannot figure out why some posts show one small image on the left or why the title is written in white along the bottom. I thought when I published a gallery it showed that there is more than one image to the post. I haven’t posted for ages and the reader images now look terrible with the resolution somehow corrupted! It is so frustrating.
      I remember there was lots of discussion when WordPress made the changes but I cannot figure out how to get a decent image in the reader! I’d prefer a small image on the left rather than something wordpress have destroyed!
      If you have time, any pointers would be appreciated.
      Thanks again for your kind comment.
      Best wishes
      Mr C 🙂

      1. ah, the reader… i actually have no idea how it really works. all i’m quite sure of is still that if you only have a picture and probably one line of text it shows the picture a bigger and when you click on it it shows the full picture right there in the reader. all pictures (even the small ones) the reader shows without clicking are cropped as far as i see it. i hate it, too.
        regarding galleries or more pictures in one post i have not a clear understanding how it works because i usually don’t do galleries and multiple image posts.
        i’m sorry – i really don’t get why wordpress is doing this and i have no suggestion for workarounds. but apparently they are not going to change it back… so we’ll have to get used to it or have a look at another platform… (tumblr does not crop for example but they have some crazy image compression running that ruins their reader, too…)

        all the best,

      2. Hi Peter,
        Thanks for taking the time.
        It is a shame and frustrating. I thought that if there was any sense to the reader you would have got your head around it. Alas it would seem neither of us can understand the logic. It is an odd decision from WordPress but presumably they have made changes that suit the majority of bloggers and I’m guessing most are not photo bloggers. I wonder if it is because many people who might once have used WordPress for images now use Flickr and Instagram? Maybe if we ride it out for a while they will go full circle with their changes and come back to delivering photographs without cropping…!
        Best wishes
        Mr C

    1. Thank you. The shot is of the Grosvenor Hotel during demolition in the city centre. Somehow they managed to bring it down without damaging surrounding buildings. I have some more images of the hotel through various stages of the demolition which was carried out over a period of months. They will be published here in the near future…
      Thanks for your comments.
      Best wishes
      Mr C 🙂

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