Little Bits of 2016

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Thank you to everyone who has supported, followed, “liked”, commented and generally made Little Bits of Sheffield a friendly and rewarding place to share my photographs.  

Hello and a big thank you to all the wordpress bloggers who through their brilliant work provide me with daily inspiration.

Wishing you all a healthy, happy and peaceful 2017, best wishes from Little Bits of Sheffield

7 thoughts on “Little Bits of 2016

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  1. It is great to see this review Mr C. Sad to say I missed quite a few during the year. Here’s to a really good 2017 for you. May your lenses continue to transmit your vision!

  2. Hi
    I have followed your blog for some time and absolutely love it. Your eye for composition and your photography are great. I though your last post on the tent city was very good, if very sad. I am not sure why people not only refuse to help (often even if it is their job) but actively try to prevent others from helping either themselves or other people.

    All the best for the New Year.

    1. Hi Guy
      Thank you for taking time to leave your generous comments and for following the blog.
      It is always good to hear from people who follow my sites. I enjoy being out with my camera and the finished images on the blogsite are only part of the whole. By that I mean the experience of being out and about actually taking the photos is as important to me as the images themselves. Tent city was an example of how my camera can lead me to meet people in places I might not normally venture. The conversations I have had with people living in tent city as well as Anthony who organises it have given me a window into part of the city I might otherwise know little about.
      Photographs cannot capture the smells, sounds or the random encounters while I’m out with my camera. I’m sure all those less tangible aspects of taking photographs help to inform the images I capture.
      Are you aware that I have another photographic blog site? Postcard Cafe which is here at:
      Are you a photographer? Do you have a blog or website?
      Wishing you a great 2017
      Mr Cafe 🙂

  3. Hi

    I do take some photos especially when I travel or I am at our cabin. They can be found at I will check out your other blog as well. I also find that the process of going out to take photos often leaves me with a great deal more than just the photos, it make you aware of your surroundings in a much richer way.

    All the best

    1. I’ve had a look at your blog on the link you sent. You seem to enjoy documenting your travels. I’ve only had a quick look and will return whenI have more time. There are a lot of interesting images and during my quick browse I enjoyed stumbling upon the black and white images from the mission in Krydor. Very striking and nicely delivered in monochrome. In your other recent comment you mentioned you are experimenting more with using black and white. There is one school of thought that says you should always shoot in colour and convert to B&W later. In some ways that makes sense and it can be good to have colour and B&W versions of the same photo I enjoy shooting in black and white rather than colour. However I think taking photos in black and white will often often inform how the shot is taken and affect how the shot is composed. A lot of the shots on my blogs in black and white are often shot in B&W only (rather than converted from colour in post processing).
      I find also that if I have a mind that shooting in black and white is an option then there are certain subjects that just call out to be photographed that way. I like the artist called Phlegm and have followed him for years. He paints in a distinctive black and white style and more often than not I photograph his work in black and white or find myself switching between colour and B&W.
      Architecture with areas of strong contrast also work well in B&W. Basically its good to think in both colour and B&W – if that is possible!
      I think you are right. Heading out to take photographs means you engage with your surroundings and environment in a different way. We start to see things differently and observe details we might otherwise overlook. Sometimes I’m just making a mental note of where the sun is falling at a particular time of day so that I can return when the light might be better for a shot.
      I always have my camera with me so there is a bit of me that never switches off from seeing things with a photographic eye.
      As they say the first rule of camera club is to always have a camera with you!
      It’s a good rule because it isn’t just about having the opportunity to take pictures of things that might otherwise be missed. It is also about being conscious of seeing things from a photographic perspective. If you do not have a camera with you then you are less likely to think that way.
      That is probably enough of my waffle for now.
      Have a great week, best wishes, Mr C 🙂

      1. Hi

        I first stumbled upon your blog while following a SF and music themed blog called from Sheffield. I believe the post was referring
        to your work regarding the street art of Phlegm. Since then my wife and I have become big fans of his work. The stark B&W images, the seemingly endless variety of characters and scenes he can construct while maintaining such a signature style and the sheer scale of his work now that he is getting the attention he deserves really enchants us.

        Thanks for your comments on B&W photography I will keep them in mind.


      2. Hi Guy, it’s interesting how connections are made through what might seem rather random blog sites. I don’t remember what took me to Unsubscriber but because he is local we eventually met up! On a subsequent meeting I showed him some of Phlegms hidden artworks around Sheffield.
        Phlegms work has huge appeal across all age groups. I’ve heard young children explaining his murals and it is fascinating to hear what they see in his paintings. His characters are great, as are his animals. I love his crazy gadgets and inventions in his work. His artwork is spirited and comes from the heart. I think that is why it appeals on so many levels.
        I really like the work Mr Unsubscriber too and what he does with his book covers. The amount of work he puts into them to present them so well is incredible. His images where the covers run across the front and back are so well done. He offers his followers the chance to see cover artwork that might rarely see the like of day. So often books are left on a shelf with only the spine revealed. Mr Unsubscriber allows us to appreciate the artwork in a new light. His enthusiasm and knowledge make his blog a really interesting site.
        Another WordPress site that might be of interest to you and one that I very much enjoy is This is Soddenham which can be found at:
        Best wishes, Mr C 🙂

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