Sculpture | River Don

Sculpture by Dan | River Don | Sheffield | November 2016 | © Little Bits of Sheffield  (sp1000808e)


Sculpture created by Dan in the River Don | November 2016


9 thoughts on “Sculpture | River Don

    • Thank you. I have a lot more river Don sculpture photos which will be going up on Postcard Cafe over the next week or two. I’m guessing from your first 45 you work in the city centre. The sculptures are well worth a look and are on the stretch of the Don down behind where Castle Market once stood. They are all free standing so may be washed away if we get a lot of rain! Best wishes, Mr C

    • I stumbled upon these sculptures last Friday while out on a short walk with a friend. I went back on Sunday with my neutral density filter to capture some better images. They are all quite difficult to shoot. On Sunday a chap with a camera asked what I thought of the sculptures and as you might guess I was very enthusiastic. He said that he had made them! We then had a long chat about how and why he decided to create the river sculptures. While talking he put his waders on and proceeded to make some repairs to the sculptures. I very much enjoyed finding the sculptures without a back story but it was great to meet Dan. I have offered to take some more photographs for him in the Spring when he hopes to resume making them.
      At the moment the river is relatively low but over the coming months it is likely they will be washed away. I think Dan would like them to last a while. I on the other hand see the river reclaiming the found materials as part of the art.
      I’ve a few more to sculptures publish yet….
      Best wishes,
      Mr C 🙂

  1. These sculptures have brightened my (occasional) morning cycle to work and I assume they will have been washed away now by the high water levels earlier this week. Hope they get rebuilt. Are they made from materials already in the river?

    • Hi Mary, Thanks for leaving your comments. I’m sure they brightened your journey to work just as they brightened my day when I first stumbled upon them. On the weekend that this photograph was taken I was lucky enough to meet Dan who built them. Yes they are all built from materials found in the river. I quite like that they will also be returned to the river as it rises. Dan on the other hand said he would like it if they were a bit more permanent. There are some more images of the sculptures on my other site here:
      I called one of them Contemplation and last weekend before we had the really heavy rainfall it had already been reclaimed by the river and had disappeared altogether. So yes, I think after the recent weather most will have been destroyed. Having said that he is hoping to restart in the Spring so keep an eye out…. Best wishes, Mr C 🙂

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