Portland Works | Doorway

2.  Portland Works | 30 April 2016 | © Little Bits of Sheffield  (s_1060993)


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    1. So many of our old industrial building have great architecture. Portland Works was the place where the worlds first stainless steel cutlery was made so is obviously an important part of Sheffield’s industrial history but also in the development of steel. The building was due to be redeveloped into flats! It was only saved when a group of interested individuals took it upon themselves to form a campaign group which resulted in the issue of (non-profit) community shares. The building was saved from the people who simply saw it as a money making development for flats. It is gradually being restored and there are now quite a few makers who work there including a knife maker and other steel based companies. There are also artists and musicians working out of Portland Works. The community shares saved one small piece of Sheffield. Testament to what a group of motivated community minded people can do 🙂

      1. Sorry I missed your meaty reply Mr C. What a great story. We are about to launch a protest in our own neighbourhood about a proposed architectural ‘blight’. Unfortunately we didn’t get organised like the folks in your story of Portland Works.

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