Car Park – Grosvenor Hotel

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14 May 2016


8 thoughts on “Car Park – Grosvenor Hotel

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    1. Thank you.
      Over the years I have been on/in virtually all the car parks in the city. This one is under an old hotel which is presently being demolished.
      Because it was located under a hotel it simply hadn’t occured to me to visit it until earlier this year! I got in just before they closed it to the public.
      The water inside the car park has passed through the hotel because it is was longer water tight. The stalactites have formed from the deposits leached out of the hotel and concrete.
      Despite being dirty and smelly the triangular spiral staircase was a treat as were the rather interesting reflections.
      Best wishes
      Mr C 🙂

      1. The Grosvenor Hotel car park held quite a few surprises in it’s architecture so I was pleased to go in there before it is demolished! The triangular spiral felt like a much more dynamic shape that the square/rectangular spiral stairwells. Thanks for taking time to like and leave your comments. Best wishes, Mr C 🙂

  1. Nice studies in geometry and design – my favourites would be Nos 5 and 9. Staircases in particular are always worth a look and that one is unusual and very well captured Mr C.

    1. Thanks for your comments.
      In order to take No.5 I held the camera with one hand as high as I could reach. Grabbing focus and getting shallow depth of field on something so narrow wasn’t easy although I was quite pleased with the way the shot turned out.
      I was also pleased with No.9 as well. The shot perhaps looks obvious but I actually took it as I left the car park. On my way in I had been more interested to get inside before too many cars turned up.
      Staircases can make interesting subjects. I didn’t have my wide angle lens with me and as I’m sure you know it is then more of a challenge with composition. What to include/exclude and with the staircase being triangular I had to work out what worked best in terms of orientation. The other thing I struggled with was keeping my feet out of the photograph! Leaning into the shot inevitably meant I had no option but to shoot the image with my foot in the frame. Hopefully you can’t see where I edited my foot out?
      Best wishes
      Mr C 🙂

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