Looking East | View From The Arts Tower

View From The Arts Tower | Looking East | 2016 | © Little Bits of Sheffield (s_1070906e)


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    1. Hi, Thanks for your positive comments on the views from the Arts Tower. I’m pleased to hear that you’ve done another 45 and it will be added to the site in due course 🙂
      I happened to bump into one of the men I had talked to when I was in town on Saturday. He said there are even more people now living in the cold at Park Hill than when I was there a few weeks before! I don’t know how they can endure the long cold nights of winter. I was moved to write something on Little Bits of Sheffield because to do nothing after meeting the people there didn’t seem like an option. I wrestled with whether to put it on the blog for fear of attracting negative attention. However while there S showed me one of the tents that had already been slashed. I suspect the people who want to give them grief were already doing so. I decided to post it thinking it might alert my more compassionate followers to maybe act and do something for the good of that small community. Sadly my words are just words. I don’t know how useful they are? Perhaps they might be read by someone who can influence things positively for the people up on the hill.
      Thanks for taking the time to read it all.
      Best wishes
      Mr Cafe

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