Rocket01 | Sheffield Science Park

1. Rocket 01 | Sheffield Science Park | October 2016 | © Little Bits of Sheffield (sp1000602)


2. Rocket 01 | Sheffield Science Park | October 2016 | © Little Bits of Sheffield (sp1000612e)

Work in progress | Rocket01

Sheffield Science Park | October 2016

Rocket01 was one of 16 local and international artists invited to Sheffield as part of the Feature Walls mural event

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  1. Thank you Mr C. I enjoyed this nostalgic trip through your links! The walk you took us on (barring the more hidden Phlegm works) took in pretty much all of the Official walk on the Sheffield website. You over-achieved for us that day. My memories are all great. You have highlighted these characters for us for many years now. Well done.

    1. Hi, Thank you and nice to hear from you. I’ve just had a look at the official walk from the Feature Walls website and yes we covered most of it. Street art is forever changing in Sheffield and the Feature Walls event has introduced people to great works by local artists but also some from overseas. I caught up with Phlegm while he was painting and I’ve seen some but not all the other works that have gone up over the last week. All great editions to the cultural richness of the city. Best wishes, Mr C 🙂

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