Parkway Tavern | Park Hill

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The photographs in the above gallery were taken in 2016.  The photograph below of the outside showing the pub sign was taken 21 March 2009.

The Tayto crisps packet was left inside the pub after filming of the feature film ’71 which was set in Northern Ireland and starred Jack O’Connell.  What appears to be an old Irish crisp packet from the seventies is in fact just a prop for the film and isn’t even a crisp packet at all.  The broken glass on the bar top isn’t actually broken glass!  It is special effect glass which is soft to touch and hasn’t any sharp edges!

1. Parkway Tavern | Park Hill Sheffield | 2009 | © Little Bits of Sheffield

The Parkway Tavern was one of of four pubs located at the Park Hill estate.  The other pubs were The Link, The Earl George and The Scottish Queen.

Earlier this year the public were allowed access to The Link pub when it was used to house an exhibition by Mark Fell as part of Art Sheffield.

Views from the Link can be seen HERE

Views from the bar at the Link can be seen HERE

Views from the cellar at the Link can be seen HERE


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