Under The Weather

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    1. Thank you. I took a stroll with my camera and set myself a micro project to capture the lettering. I had the title before the images! It was a fun way to take a closer look at signs and posters as I walked. Have a great weekend. I even found a very discreet war memorial on a road I have been down many times. I’m sure few people would even know of it’s existence. It’s is interesting how otherwise hidden things can reveal themselves when being less hurried with a camera. Don’t worry, I didn’t appropriate any letters from the war memorial for this mini gallery. Have a great weekend, Best wishes, Mr C 🙂

      1. A project is always a way of sharpening our ‘Eye’ as it involves searching our environment for images that fulfill our chosen criteria – and as you say, we find things we have previously never noticed. Enjoy your weekend too, Mr C.

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