Women of Steel











‘Women of Steel’ in Barkers Pool, Sheffield.  A permanent memorial dedicated to all the women who worked in Sheffield’s steel works during both world wars.

The statue was officially unveiled on Friday 17 June 2016.

During the two world wars most men of working age were away serving their country.  Women from all over South Yorkshire , some as young as 14, were conscripted to work in steel works across the region.  After the war, as men returned they were forced out of their jobs.  The work undertaken by the women and their part in the wars was never publicly acknowledged.  Only after a campaign and a visit by some of the women to Downing Street when Gordon Brown was Prime Minister was there any acknowledgement of their role.  Gordon Brown was the first to publicly thank the women.

A campaign and public appeal headed by Women Of Steel Kathleen Roberts, Kit Sollitt, Ruby Gascoigne and Dorothy Slingsby, raised the £170,000 needed to commission the sculpture as a permanent memorial.

The bronze statue was created by sculptor Martin Jennings.




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  1. Your photographs highlight the strength of the piece Mr C. I like your many angles on the faces and then the full length showing the figures firmly striding together. Women of steel indeed!

    1. Hi and thank you for your kind comments. I chanced upon this the day it was unveiled and there were lots of real women of steel having their photograph taken with the statue. I grabbed the shots while they were changing over but I was pleased with how they came out. Best wishes, Mr C 🙂

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