This is Sheffield #81


21 March 2009

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  1. This funny little survivor is the old Heeley Station booking office, the station itself was up on the embankment. When I lived in the area in the late 70s the station had long gone and the building housed our local post office for many years. It still had that station office feel inside though. I notice they have put in a new park and ride station up at Dore, but I assume doing the same for this poorer area of the city is not high on the council agenda.

    1. It always good to read your comments and I appreciate you taking the time. You clearly know Sheffield very well. I had a look online about Heeley Station and it is hard to visualise now what it might have looked like back then. The shape of the booking office gives away something of its history but with the brightly coloured paint job I’m sure many might not immediately pick up on previous incarnations of the building. Best wishes, Mr C

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