This is England #91

This is England #91

21 March 2009


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    1. An interesting idea and I can see why you might have raised the question. Unfortunately the truth is I don’t know the answer as to their origin. I have always assumed someone local to Sheffield made the poster prints. The five prints published today were the only ones I saw back in 2009 when the photographs were taken. All five were on the Park Hill flats and I saw no others anywhere else in the city. I’ve seen no others since.
      There was a website noted on the posters but when I tried to access it I got a “website no longer available” or similar message. No one I’ve spoken to has any idea who did them.
      I particularly like the prints in #91 and their weathered look only adds something to the original paintwork.
      I’m sorry that I cannot offer more information.
      Best wishes, Mr C 🙂

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