This is England #77

This is England #77

27 August 2007


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    1. Thanks for the flurry of “likes” and for taking time to leave a comment.
      You are right of course there is an almost inexhaustable amount of photographic inspiration from this huge complex. As you will have noticed these photographs were all taken several years ago. I have well over a thousand photographs. In posting some here I am endeavouring to filter the good from the bad. I hope that together they start to reveal something about this place which dominates the landscape behind Sheffield railway station.
      The world of concrete and steel portrayed in these images is a million miles from the landscape that gives its name to the flats.
      Park Hill was once a deer park! It is interesting that from a landscape with deer roaming free it has been transformed into something so permanent – a massive complex of concrete! Unlike the deer park the building is listed and therefore protected so it will remain as part of the Sheffield landscape.
      If you are interested – the title for this series of photographs is taken from the Shane Meadows TV series because some of it was filmed at Park Hill (and other parts of Sheffield)
      Best wishes, Mr C 🙂

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