This is England #46

This is England #46

22 March 2009


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  1. I have been enjoying your retrospective, Nigel. This & the Mao ones are some of my favorites. I’ll try to not clog up your inbox by hitting like every time.

    1. Hi Lynn, I’m pleased that you’ve been enjoying these old photos. It is hard to know how they might look to someone not living in Sheffield. I have hundreds of Park Hill Flats which I shot prior and during redevelopment. It is a huge complex that once housed thousands of people. It had three pubs, shops and a school. Every time I visited it I saw a new perspective or different colours or new bits of detail. There is a TV series called This is England (and also a film) from director Shane Meadows. The latest season had scenes filmed at Park Hill Flats, hence the title of the retrospective. I did nothing with the images when they were originally shot and I thought it was time they see the light of day. Thanks for your comment. Best wishes, Mr C 🙂

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