This is England #17

This is England #17

Bishops’ House 20 April 2010


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  1. I was at junior school with the daughter of the last people to actually live in Bishops’ House and went there several times for visits. It was the strangest little house I’ve ever been to and must have been nothing short of an adventure to have it as your home. I subsequently took my own daughters to look around years later when it had been converted into a museum, fascinating building and great to see a picture of it here to jog the memory. All the best Mr C.

    1. Hi Mr Unsub, Having always known it as a museum I had overlooked the fact that there used to be people living there! I’ve never actually been inside… I should really remedy that soon…. Best wishes, Mr C 🙂

  2. Where is Bishop’s House Mr C? I like the way the tracery of the shadows and the tree reflect the linear patterns in the architecture. No accident I am guessing! Best wishes.

    1. Bishops House is in an area of Sheffield known as Meersbrook. You are absolutely right the shadows make the photo and I was pleased with my timing for this shot. I like that it is a timber framed building and that a shadow of a tree is very much part of the image 🙂 Best wishes Mr C

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