The World is Not Enough

The World is Not Enough

28 March 2010


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  1. Hi Cat,

    I’ve been trawling through old photographs that never got to see the light of day on my blogs when I took them.

    I’m rather pleased with this one taken at the General Cemetery back in 2010! I was taken using my old Panasonic compact point and shoot pocket camera. It was taken in colour and has a very vibrant blue sky and I liked it in colour but once I flipped it into B&W it became far more dramatic.

    The photographer Martin Parr took a photo of the same gravestone for one of Richard Hawleys album covers but I think mine is better than his! How is that for blowing my own trumpet and I didn’t use a camera that costs thousands of pounds! In fact the camera ended up with Mary who wanted it for Alex who was very enthusiastic about photography….

    Best wishes Nx


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