Hanover House 26 June 2010

Hanover House, Exeter Drive –  26 June 2010


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  1. Pleased to see somebody had the chance to properly photograph this block before the council turned it into a joke. I don’t think there is a single one of our once elegant tower blocks left which they haven’t clad in bizarre coloured sheeting! Or blown up. I wonder if in 50 years or so somebody will campaign to get the stuff off and restore them?

  2. Hi Simon, Thank you for taking time to leave your comment. The re-clad blocks lend a very different character to the city. When I shot these I knew it was a only a matter of time before they started work on the block. The cladding hides the history of these tower blocks and I wonder why they decided not to renovate rather than re-clad? I can imagine the quality of life for the people living in the flats improved with better double glazed windows and better thermal insulation but could the council have chosen to retain the character while improving the quality of life for the tenants? I don’t know the answers to these questions but I wonder if they were even asked or if the overriding term of reference was “modernise”? I have lots of shots of Hanover House from various angles and it was only yesterday when trawling through a few images that I came across them and realised I had never posted them on my blog(s). Best wishes, Mr C

    1. Enjoyed seeing your other shots. I assume it was much much cheaper to insulate on the outside and also less disruptive for the tenants, but to me it would have been worth saving one block as it was and doing the internal work instead. But then this council has scant regard for the achievements of their own architect’s work – so demolish the Castle Market and allow trendy coloured glass panels across Park Hill!

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