Blink And You’ve Missed It

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Thank you to everyone who has supported,  followed, “liked”, commented and generally made Little Bits of Sheffield a friendly and rewarding place to share my photographs.  Also hello and a big thank you to all the wordpress bloggers who offer daily inspiration through their brilliant work.

 Have a great 2015, happy new year from Little Bits of Sheffield x ♥

The above images are just a small selection of photographs that have been posted on Little Bits of Sheffield over the last year.  If you missed out or feel interested to see what 2015 brings then it is easy to subscribe or follow for free.  Simply add your email address in the box on the right hand menu and you will receive a little bit of Sheffield direct to your in-tray every time a new photo appears here on the site!


4 thoughts on “Blink And You’ve Missed It

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  1. Thanks for all your support and encouragement over the last year. When it comes to comments on LBoS you are officially No1 – And that is hot off the (word)press 😉
    Have a great 2015 – Best wishes, Mr C

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